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Meet 10 Artists Making Jewelry Out of Human Teeth

Sometimes we think of coffee mugs and whiskey and coffee mugs full of whiskey as the best gifts we can give dental professionals.

Until the recent day we encountered a genre of material items we’d never considered the existence of before.

A subcategory of adornment that could very well stretch back to ancient times.

We’re speaking, of course, of jewelry forged out of actual and faux human teeth.

Maybe it makes sense to replace your pearls with pearly whites this year. Or maybe you’re just like us, and morbidly curious to get a closer look at a weird genre that relates to our passion for choppers.

Either way, we invite you to join us as we delve into the phenomenon of human teeth jewelry by checking out a few of the worldwide artisans who make this their life work.

Come one. Come all. Come all ye faithful.

Weird Sculpture is based in Bar, Montenegro. When they’re not making hyper realistic figures that resemble severed heads, eyeballs, and human skin, they’re crafting these necklaces ringed with hand-sculpted teeth made from polymer clay. You could wear one with your next evil tooth fairy costume or simply rock one to the office to scare the hell out of prospective patients. You know, if that was a priority.

Amid its beautiful selection of handmade jewelry, Phoenix’s LuckyRoadRunner includes these silver sterling rings centered on real human molars. And you can even pick your own teeth from out of their collection. Assuming you don’t have a fresh supply of your own already.

BoneLust (no relation to us Bone Guys, as far as we know) comes from Florida and specializes in pet memorials and natural history art. But a savvy human can also get their hands on one of Jana Miller’s pendants and rings featuring real human teeth, part of the artist’s “Tooth Fairy” series. She’ll even custom make you something out of your pet’s teeth, as long as they’re ethically sourced.

A true artist of real human teeth wearables, BlackUrnJewelry places its actual molars into beautiful brass settings, often adding an attractive touch of the vintage and medieval to its spine-chilling wares.

Boston’s BellTooth is another memento mori-focused artisan elevating the beauty of rings featuring porcelain teeth, ornate settings, sterling silver, and unique combinations, like this triple tooth ring worn on two fingers.

DefyJewelry is a maker of gothic-style jewelry whose collection includes this attractive brass chain holding four faux human teeth. Well, about as attractive as a piece of jewelry based on a body part can be.

Luca Van Dort is a talented London jewelry maker riffing on the sci-fi and horror classics of our youth. The selection contains necklaces ringed with hand-sculpted teeth, which can even be customized with tiny daubs of blood. If that’s what you’re seeking.

Why trust anyone with your human teeth jewelry who is not a verified witch? It’s a good question. One that is resoundingly answered by RVAWitchesUnite, a creative coven that makes rings featuring not one, but three, acrylic teeth. They’re sort of like the giant rap rings of the people-who-wear-human-teeth set.

If these oddball artisans making jewelry out of human teeth aren’t scratching your itch, you can always make your own. OddSavannah is a source for actual human molars. Albeit “Grade B” molars. Still, the reviews are positive.

One person’s rotten tooth is another’s treasure. At least that’s the feeling we get looking at KyWildCraft’s faux rotten tooth ring.

Now excuse us, we really need to go brush.

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