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Enter The World of the Dental Fetish

A simple search for the term “dental fetish” on PornHub results in 1,093 videos, spanning the gamut from non-nude tours of a woman’s teeth and the expected patient-doctor role-playing to hardcore BDSM videos whose descriptions alone make us blush (and have us considering dialing the cops).

The fact is... people are hot for teeth. Meaning there are those walking among us who consider teeth, dental tools, teeth extraction, and other aspects of the dental trade as sexual stimulators.

This quote from performance artist Cynth Icorn on their own dental kinks gives us a clue: "The touch of rubber against my teeth, the scent of the surgery or of mouthwash, the squeak of the linoleum all conspired to drive me insane with lust.”

And in light of Valentine’s Day, and because we like to be the dental blog that dares to go where other dental blogs won’t, we thought it about time to explore the topic of what kinds of dental fetishes are out there, from the vanilla to the butterscotch sundae with rainbow sprinkles. Of sexual dental fetishes, that is.

Be warned, there are frank and honest discussions about a variety of sexual practices here. So avert your eyes if you don’t care to go along for the ride.

Now let’s sink our teeth into it.

Oral fixations: This term is not exclusively related to dentistry, but rather the first stage in Freud’s theory of psychosexual development. It postulates that if a child’s needs aren’t met while they’re going through the oral stage of life, the ensuring surfeit or deficient of oral stimulation (typically in the form of nourishment through breastfeeding) can cause personality traits and behaviors later in life relating to an obsession with the mouth.

Oral fixations are said to play out in a wide range of potential behaviors, including smoking, biting the nails, and avoiding or over-indulging in alcohol or food, as well as rarer conditions such as pica, in which people obsessively eat non-edible items such as paint chips, soap, or chalk.

It’s important to note that while such fixations are not necessarily sexual, oral fixations can, and often do, play out in sexual behavior involving other people and/or inanimate objects, from simple touching or looking at teeth to the attainment of one’s first non-professional dental gag.

Odontophilia: This innocent-looking Latin term describes a sexual attraction to teeth or for sexual acts involving teeth. It may mean a person simply goes crazy when they see a partner licking their own (or another’s) teeth or may include a spectrum of biting, from gentle nibbling to things that make you go “ouch.”

At their simplest, fetishes are specific, stimulating attractions one has towards a particular something or other, often considered outside the bounds of normal sexual practices practiced by Mike Pence and his wife when procreating. And yes, there are apparently those for whom a peek at a lateral incisor is as erotic as it gets.

Take the Tumblr of one Dentist37 on Tumblr, a creative who devotes their attention to culling together photos of both general dentistry and dentistry involving sexual situations in the service of like-minded dental fetishists.

Here, a simple procedure involving an amalgam filling enjoys equal devotion as a photo of a dental assistant in PVC bondage gear, or two buxom nurses about to straddle a patient from the porn site Reality Kings.

Odontophilia encompasses a wide range of dental fetishes, allowing space for both Bjork having her mouth explored by King Kong’s fingers and an empty forlorn image of a dental chair, with many, many extremes in between.

Role-playing: Doctor-patient. Doctor-nurse. Nurse-patient. Patient-patient in an empty waiting room. Doctor-doctor in a fully spotlit O.R. We don’t need to go too deep into this one. A partner dons a uniform and the fantasy begins. It doesn’t take a stretch to imagine people actually do this.

Braces Fetish: Braces have become something of an asset for adult performers who want to appear younger, particularly for the “barely legal” film genre, but Mel Magazine recently opened the window into metal mouth devotees just a little wider.

There are also braces fetishists, as one Redditor attests: “For me, it’s like a form of bondage,” while another cites an unfilled adolescent desire for wearing braces themselves leading to the fetish. Entire forums exist on the subject of braces fetishes, with numerous participants also expressing an attraction to dental headgear.

Dental tools: To the conceivable joy of dental equipment sales reps everywhere, dental tools have found a whole new avenue of appreciation as they work their way into BDSM lifestyles and hard-core pornography. These frequently include dental gags, such as the Jennings gag or more minimal Whitehead, professionally used to keep a patient’s mouth open during a procedure. Only in these cases, they’re generally used as bondage or humiliation gear, limiting one’s mobility during sexual acts.

These aren’t the only dental tools appearing in the sexual escapades of various individuals— and groups. Our research eventually brought us to a British website called MedFet, which specializes in offering medical gear for sex play, revealing a whole host of dental tools we’re familiar with from the office—stainless steel impression trays, syringes, extraction forceps—but are totally okay not knowing how they’re being used in the bedroom.

Dental pain: Now we’ll get into the deep, potentially scary stuff for a second. You know, depending on what you’re into. Though we tend to get squeamish and nervous when our time in the chair comes, lest a nerve be touched, for some people, dental pain is a major turn-on.

Reddit user U/Narcolepz details her own fetish for dental pain in a post: “...the actual pain is a huge turn on. I've always adored the hygienists who are more rough on my mouth when I go to the dentist, and hate when I end up with the ones who are nice and gentle with me... I had to get a cavity filled recently... When she asked me if I was ok, I obviously didn't want her to be more gentle so I just said ‘yes,’ and she proceeded to make it hurt even more. I was in heaven.”

Yes folks, it takes diff`rent strokes to rule the world.

Dental torture: As long as everyone participating is a consenting adult, we don’t judge. Even if you’re one of those people who get off on torturing the mouths of their partners...

On the extreme edge of the abyss, in Brenda Love’s modern classic Encyclopedia of Unusual Sexual Practices, she details the Marquis de Sade’s retelling of an anesthesia-free teeth pulling while at least three people are engaged in a particularly harsh sexual act.

In the modern age, teeth extraction videos can be found a-plenty on YouTube, no doubt appreciated by dental students, but also cherished by people who profess to be turned on by watching teeth be taken out.

Mouth torture of varying degrees is rampant, not only the old-timey writings of a sexual deviant of criminal proportions, but in the world of pornography, which exhibits a particularly mean streak when it comes to how’s people’s mouths are treated. Oftentimes this kind of extreme imagery relates less to dental scenarios and fit in more with the world of BDSM, stimulating with the same issues of control, dominance, submission, and humiliation found across that genre.

As Bill Murray put it best in Little Shop of Horrors, “I’m sure I need a long, slow root canal.”

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