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It’s Time For Our 25 Favorite Dental-Inspired Tattoos

We know a lot of people who are extremely dedicated to teeth.

But we think we’ve just discovered some individuals who are even more keen on the tough little calcified guys.

We went on a tear (or maybe it was a tangent) combing social media for the best dental and teeth-inspired tattoos we could find. And it turns out, there are quite a lot of them out there.

Some are weird, some are cute, some are earnest, and some are really beyond human comprehension. Still, we think you’ll enjoy examining them as much as we did.

So without further babble, we present the Bone Guys’ 25 favorite dental-related tattoos. And if you or a co-worker happens to have one of your own, we’d love to check it out. Just send us a pic!

Otherwise, have a ball, below.

#1. Caduceus D.D.S.

#2. A visual that should scare kids off of candy for the rest of their lives.

#3. Now that’s a sweet tooth. No disrespect to the last guy.

#4. “We shape our tools. And thereafter, our tools shape us.” — Marshall McLuhan

#5. Between both arms, they’ve got a full set.

#6. This looks like the wrong dentist to F with.

#7. You had us at Shel Silverstein.

#8. “And what do you do? Oh, I see.”

#9. You may want to get that looked at.

#10. The Tooth Fairy gets a fierce makeover.

#11. Looks like someone’s license is about to get revoked.

#12. We’ve seen worse.

#13. Somewhere Tekashix69 is waking up and wondering where his teeth have gone.

#14. Thar’s gold in them molars.

#15. Simple and classic. You know, as far as teeth tattoos go.

#16. We hate it when this happens.

#17. Hey, some people just like spiders and teeth. At the same time.

#18. Poetic justice.

#19. Pour one out.

#20. It’s a French thing, we think. Just please don’t search for “mouse with a tooth on its head.” Trust us.

#21. Now that’s something new...

#22. Hardly the craziest thing to come out of Russia, but still.

#23. 9 out of 10 dentists don’t recommend getting a crown tattoo. Still, it is an option.

#24. Bad dentist, but he’s fun at conventions.

#25. Makes the Novocain shot seem relatively mild by comparison.

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