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13 Under-The-Radar Meals You Can Have Now at Your L.A. Home

Updated: May 26, 2020

Pizza Vampires, Gator Meat and Thai-Mexican Noodles Come A-Knocking.

You’re stuck at home.

And it feels like the only way to take a bite out of life right now is to head to the fridge and eat the first thing you see. Maybe you’ve done your best to support your favorite restaurants through delivery or take-out, but you just can’t help it, you’re human and now you want to try something new.

We feel your pain.

Which is why we’ve spent the better part of our isolation tracking down the newest and coolest chefs, pop-ups, home cooks and restaurants that are willing to deliver directly to you or allow you to come by for some takeaway.

We’re not talking about run-of-the-mill stuff, either. More like pizza delivered to your door by the undead and a senior citizen from Italy who makes damn good tiramisu. A source for live crawfish and a purveyor of “porkstrami.” Hell, even director Kevin Smith has gotten in on this action.

So please enjoy reading about these new and/or under-the-radar LA food vendors. And most importantly, stay fed and stay healthy.

Hemera’s Bench: Although the world feels far from perfect right now, something is still going very right. How else to explain the phenomenon of Hemera’s Bench, wherein chef Angela Sun brings her savory and sweet, bake-them-yourself pies right to your door through contactless delivery? All you’ll need to do is pop the pies into your oven and 45 minutes later, you’re tucking into textbook-perfect examples of shepherd’s pie, chicken curry, steak and cheese, chicken pot pie and apple pie? The business also sells ji dan gao, fluffy egg cakes from Taiwan topped with all sorts of sinful sweet stuff.

Vampire Pizza: Does anyone remember laughter? Vampire Pizza appears to. That’s why they are sending a real-life, pizza-wielding vampire with a story-based delivery to your place with every order. This includes clues to play along with while you’re waiting for your pie, salad and dessert to arrive. There’s no need to protect your neck. This vampire wears a facemask. Good vampire, good vampire. Next delivery period is May 1-3.

Giovanni’s Tiramisu: Giovanni Bolla is a 71-year-old from Piedmont with over 50 years in the hospitality industry. He now spends his days making tiramisu from Italian-imported ingredients. These are available for contact-less delivery throughout L.A. and the San Fernando Valley and by all accounts, comprise some of the best tiramisu you’ll eat on this continent. The cakes come in full and half sizes, as well as a gluten-free version, and can be frozen for up to three weeks. If you can resist that long.

Beer Club Crawfish: Imagine you have a Cajun cousin who loves to stop by bearing packages of live crawfish, headless shrimp and skinned alligator meat. This is just like that cousin. Only you don’t have to include them in your holiday plans and stuff. Order same-day delivery anywhere in Los Angeles at 818-869-8026.

Sarita: This Chinatown-based pop-up comes from chefs Mammy Chatapolchuntaya and James Aguilar and feels like it could only exist in L.A., with its mélanges of recipes from places as far flung as Thailand, Mexico and Italy. Currently available for take-out and delivery, dishes include boat noodle soup with chicharrón, green curry pasta and noodles with birria de res. Delivery covers a 5-mile radius and can be obtained through Instagram or by calling 323-893-1501.

Bodega on Wheels: Now you can order an entire food truck to roll up on your location with staples like pizzas, pasta, snacks, coffee beans, ice cream, and even better, wine and canned cocktails. Bodega on Wheels is a collaboration between multiple food-and-drink industry veterans in L.A. that comes via decommissioned Coolhaus trucks. A $50 minimum order is required for delivery to West Hollywood, Mid-City, Los Feliz, and points in between, with 10% of proceeds going to charities including L.A. Regional Food Bank and No Us Without You, which provides support to undocumented restaurant staff who keep the dining industry afloat.

Knafeh Queens: Fatmah Muhammed offers homemade knafeh, one of the Arab world’s most traditional, beloved and delectable desserts (involving crisp layers of cheese and syrup-soaked phyllo dough) in various forms –cupcakes and cakes included—and will bring it to you if you’re based anywhere between L.A. and San Diego. They can also ship it if you’re anywhere else in the 50 states. You may also order cream-topped knafeh shots made with The Dirty Cookie in L.A. and O.C. through May 31st for delivery or pick-up. Orders can be placed through DMs on Instagram.

Mooby’s: Clerks, Chasing Amy and Dogma director Kevin Smith has brought to life a restaurant that only exists in his films at Mooby’s, which is making messy lasagna sandwiches, tater tots, and chocolate-covered pretzels for pick-up through April 30. Once the world returns to normal, there are plans for it to open in a West Hollywood pop-up space with an expanded menu from Yarrow and Secret Lasagna chef Royce Burke. Until then, place your orders online, first-come/first-serve, with a portion of proceeds going to No Us Without You.

Hummus Labs: Chef Joseph Badaro’s new Lebanese restaurant opened in Pasadena just as the Covid-19 outbreak reared its heinous head. Fortunately you can still order dishes like falafel, filet mignon kebab, fatoush and his creative takes on hummus—think roasted tomato habanero and cilantro-jalapeno—for pick-up at its Old Town address.

The Bad Jew: Rebecca King recently started popping up under this name with crucial “porkstrami” sandwiches and corned pork Reubens, along with meats by the pound, black-and-white cookies and snickerdoodles. Curbside pickups are currently offered in East Hollywood, with locations changing regularly. Order by direct message on Instagram or by calling 216-401-1562. Venmo accepted.

Krispy Rice: This new delivery-only option comes from SBE, the company behind restaurants like Hyde, Cleo and The Bazaar. The menu consists of a sterling selection of traditional nigiri as well as fish served on the seminal crispy rice made famous at their sushi palace, Katsuya, including king salmon and spicy tuna. Delivery is available directly through Doordash, PostMates, GrubHub, Caviar and UberEats.

Montilla Meals: Chef Michael Montilla promotes himself as a Spago vet and Hollywood caterer now offering contact-less delivery of re-heatable gourmet meals every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Dishes include chicken parm with spaghetti, Ora King salmon, a 28-day dry-aged Prime New York steak, and crisp skinned branzino, as well as fun stuff for the kids like house-cured, maple-glazed ham sliders and Aussie Wagyu pigs-in-a-blanket. Each delivery comes with a $12 fee.

Pozole Packs: If you’re in O.C. and looking for a hot weekend meal at home, Santa Ana’s Alta Baja Market offers pozole every Saturday and Sunday, featuring either red pork or vegan green pozole broths, along with a supply of hominy and shredded cabbage. You can get it for take-out or pre-order for delivery for a $10 fee and put it all together yourself at home.

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