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The Bone Guys’ Late-Night Itinerary to After-Hours L.A.

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Where to go when the city shuts down

It’s after midnight in the city of Los Angeles.

And you and your companions are not ready to go home.

Not now. Not in a few. Maybe not ever.

So where do you go to prolong the revelry past closing time?

Here’s a detailed itinerary to guide you through the witching hours in L.A.


The situation: You’re mid-drink when your friends agree that dinner has worn off and it’s time to eat again. But it’s late and everything seems closed.

The solution: Remember, night owls, Koreatown is your friend, with restaurants and bars that stay open past the usual 2am curfew. Jinsol Gukbap is not only a classic for hot and porky broths, with plentiful banchan on the side, it also stays open until 4am. BCD Tofu House, another classic for comforting Korean eats, is open 24 hours a day.


The situation: Nourished again, your party is seeking some action. They hope to mingle, have a couple of drinks and do some dancing, but last call is drawing nearer.

The solution: While many of Hollywood’s flashier nightclubs, like Arena and Playhouse, stay open until 3am, you’ll bring the gang to Los Globos, a wild (and frankly pretty grungy) Silver Lake music club known for eclectic music—popular bands included—and crowds, as well as hours that go to 6am. That way no one will feel rushed to get out of there while perfecting their mashed potato.


The situation: The party’s just getting started. You want to meet more people and drink more drinks. But most every door you try is closed at this hour.

The solution: It’s casino-time. L.A. has quite a few casinos you can visit in the wee hours, including Hollywood Park, the Commerce and Hustler. Yes, that Hustler. But we find Bicycle Casino to have the best scene, with a more up-to-date atmosphere and an Asian fusion café that stays open until 3am. Games include poker and dai bacc, and there’s a hotel upstairs. Just in case the all-night marathon has to come to an early end for anyone on your team.


The situation: Somehow your crew has multiplied by a few members. You can’t quit now. While there are illegitimate after-hours and house parties to be found throughout the city, a safer recommendation would be to throw your own.

The solution: The Line Hotel in Koreatown has a party pad called The Speek you can rent. It was designed by the Houston Brothers, two L.A.-raised twins who run the town’s hands-down coolest bars. This chic 60’s suite fits up to 30 people and comes with in-room karaoke, curated vinyl, turn tables, original Shepherd Fairey art and upon request, bottle service to keep the good spirits flowing. Plus... it’s your place, your rules.


Situation: Your friend has a new friend. And they want to be alone. And they also want burgers.

Solution: So you send the blissful couple to 25 Degrees, a sexy, retro diner attached to the lobby of the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. They serve solid burgers there 24-hours a day. Because this America, dammit. If they’re seeking an upscale steakhouse that never closes, Pacific Dining Car is a 98-year-old, 24-hour restaurant with locations in Downtown L.A. and Santa Monica, where white-gloved service and filet mignons are always available, for a price.


Situation: Your heroic leap into the night has left you drained. You and your friends, new and old, could really use a nice place to kick back to restore your vitality.

Solution: You’re headed to Wi-Spa, a 24-hour oasis of a Korean spa on Wilshire Boulevard. You’ll soak in hot baths. You’ll rotate between ornate sauna rooms made of salt, clay and ice before standing up to the 231-degree bulgama. Maybe you’ll even get a massage or catch a nap on the open-air rooftop deck. When you leave, you’ll look and feel like new.


Situation: Yes. Everybody is hungry again. It’s almost as if your bodies are nourished and sustained by food or something.

Solution: L.A. has a few famous 24-hour breakfast destinations, including storied Canter’s Delicatessen and Downtown’s longstanding Original Pantry Café. Meanwhile, a pastrami sandwich is always available at Coral Café in Burbank. But since you’ve never been afraid of an additional adventure, we suggest the whole mob of you head for Glendora’s Donut Man, a celebrated 24-hour source of pastries stuffed with seasonal fruit that bounty of our markets and the strengths of outer L.A.’s dynamite road food. Closer to the city center, SK Donuts is still our favorite in the land.


Situation: You had so much fun, you’re inclined to do it all over again.

The Solution: If it’s a drink the party is after, options that open at 6am exist, including the Drawing Room in Los Feliz, the Reno Room in Long Beach and Cozy Inn and Tattle Tale Room in Culver City, though naturally, it’s not always pretty. A more bearable option can be found in Kitchen 24, a clean, 24-hour restaurant with a giant menu that also begins serving drinks at 6am.


Situation: Oh, it’s just that a couple of people in your team have splitting headaches and can’t really function.

Solution: If it’s a weekend, you’ll head towards Compton’s Mr. Menudo Oficial, maker of the city’s cleanest, most flavorful menudo. The street stand comes from East L.A. tamale legend Joel Mendez and his son, Roger, and the Mexican tripe soup is legendary itself for curing hangovers.

And you’ve made it. We hope you’ve enjoyed your tour through a late-night in Los Angeles. And we hope it leads you to some great new discoveries and adventures in the City of Angels, whether you try them by night or by daylight.

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