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The Bone Guys’ Gift Guide: 23 Present Ideas That’ll Knock ‘Em Dead This Holiday

Updated: Dec 10, 2020


We’ve got them.

And you have to give them.

Making it ideal then that we’re meeting up on this [insert whatever weather you currently see outside] day to discuss the many gift ideas we’ve found for you to mull over as you make your lists and check them twice.

We’ve got 22 suggestions for holiday giving below, broken down by the type of giftee you’ll be doing all the mulling over. We like to think there’s something for everyone.

Including, you know, should you feel inclined... The Bone Guys.

We kid, of course.

Happy holiday perusing, everybody.

We never kid about that.

For everyone who has hands in 2020

You need stocking stuffers. Everybody else needs to keep their hands off of potentially contaminating objects. Enter the Rona Ring, which opens doors, pushes buttons, and can probably even open your beer. You can also get it one engraved up to 20 characters. So, T-O H-E-L-L W-I-T-H C-O-V-I-D fits.

For the contemporary correspondent

Everyone has paper, sure. But only people who are given gifts by you have unparalleled paper handmade from used denim, Indiana corn, and walnut dyes from Indiana’s Hook Pottery Paper. Friendship has its benefits.

For the beer snob

Growlers simply don’t get better looking than the Kaufmann Mercantile’s handmade ceramic growler. And if they do, we simply don’t want to know.

For the unswerving night capper

Say “single-malt” and you probably won’t think “Virginia.” Courage & Conviction will change those preconceptions with this sophisticated 100% malted barley whiskey aged in bourbon, sherry, and unique cuvée casks. Because it’s made in Virginia.

For the budding outdoorsperson

For any hardworking dental assistant who spends their weekends getting lost in the woods, a subscription to Nomadik, which includes a monthly delivery of new outdoor gear, brands, and survival tools, will ensure they’ll make it back by Monday’s 8am surgery.

For the aromatic optimist

If 2020 stinks, then all we can do is hope 2021 smells better. This handmade soy wax candle from Venice’s Tumbleweed & Dandelion helps provide a fresh start, with a red currant scent that burns cleanly for over 90 hours.

For the mobile bartender

The Firelight flask set goes wherever you and your bourbon go, providing two stainless steel tumblers with a cool six-shooter-inspired look that fit inside a stately wool-felt case. Whoever gets this may mysteriously find themselves being invited on more hikes than they’re used to.

For your office compatriots

Whether you need a stronger swear jar, petty cash fund, or way to stay atop of office Oscar pools, this change jar that counts each and every pecuniary contribution made, keeping everybody honest and happily pitching in. Derrick in accounting, we’re looking at you.

For the ruggedly debonair adventurer

The Bone Guys have a proud streak of Michigander in them. How could we not be proud when admiring the craftsmanship and legacy behind a heritage company like Wolverine. Their 1,000 Mile Axel Boot blends artisan craftsmanship with resilient Horween leather, Goodyear welts, and a look that transitions from the workplace to dinner, without a single interruption to your handsomeness.

For the perpetual back-thrower-outer

Okay, it’s not a glamorous gift, per se. But it is extremely effective at fixing chronic back issues in practitioners who are bound to their desk chairs a lot. Plus, it’s really easy to find. And they’ll thank you once they can stand up at the end of the day.

For the tolerable nerd

How will you know whether your friend needs a $200 Star Wars book cataloguing absolutely everything about Episodes I-III of the Star Wars series? Trust us, you’ll already know.

For the civic-minded drinker

Blinking Owl Distillery makes award-winning aquavit, bourbon, and other spirits right in Santa Ana. And while picking up a bottle for a friend, you can also buy a large bottle of the hand sanitizer they’ve been crafting to ward off Covid-19. May your palms always be as clean as your liver.

For the stressed out and knotted up

Santa Barbara Massage Cream is not only so pure you can literally eat the stuff, it’s so effective you can literally also employ just a tiny dab to massage your own neck. Since no one is typically volunteering for that duty.

For the doctor who wishes it was Wednesday

It’s a three-hole, 3x9 putting green with built-in traps that fits right into their office. So you’ll know where to find them at all times.

For the lady always going “brrrrrrr...”

Portland’s heritage garment maker Pendleton released a series of designs dedicated to our national parks. Here you see their one dedicated to Zion incorporated into an attractive anorak coat made of 100% virgin wool. So it will keep them warm and looking good. Two birds, meet stone.

For the homecook/home sourdough supplier

Before dropping hundreds of dollars on that Le Creuset Dutch oven they’ve always dreamed of, you’ll want to seriously consider Staub, which frequently bests the French company in reviews of its cast-iron cookware, which has essentially the same look. Either way, you’ll happily eat the results.

For the constantly caffeinated

Since they can’t bring their own personal Marzocca into the office, they’ll appreciate receiving the Flair Signature Espresso Maker, a beyond stylish and easily portable single espresso maker that doubles as a design piece.

For the green thumb

The Hori Hori Ultimate knife is a multi-faceted gardening tool based on traditional Japanese models. It can dig, cut strings and branches, and even be used as a hammer. More importantly, it’s a knife you can wear that makes gardening look more badass.

For the tea-head

Steep Echo makes an all-natural tea tapping the antioxidant power of olive tree leaves in intricate, soothing blends like “Repose,” with rose and chamomile for rest and relaxation, and “Ascent,” with vanilla bean and cinnamon for daily drinkers. And the box is so pretty you’ll almost want to keep it. Or eat it. Maybe.

For the friend aspiring to have a gleaming hand/wrist/neck

The affordable, beautiful, minimalist jewelry of Stella and Haas includes earrings, necklaces, and rings with subtle, stirring designs. The Gatsby Circle initial necklace adds a personal touch that feels particularly amenable for gifting. Assuming you get it with their initial.

For the Grill Master

The Grillkilt is like Batman’s utility belt for the carnivorous set. A wrap-around skirt with 12 tool pockets, 5 ring clips, an attached hand towel, and a carbiner for good measure. All so they can keep their hands free to drink a beer while staying on task.

For the elegant bookworm

Culture Carton has a simple premise: it’s a monthly subscription box that includes one iconic book along with related items of stylish gear and menswear. Think: a softback copy of Junot Diaz’s The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao with facial products from Brummell.

For the sweet teeth

Gifting treats from Little House Confections has a two-fold giving effect. You present a neighbor or someone you love with one of their to-die-for “Bombass Olive Oil Cakes,” made with extra virgin olive oil and fresh-squeezed oranges, among other things. Then Little House will donate a part of the proceeds to a non-profit in need. All Santa ever does is eat your cookies.

For the screen-lover/button-masher

The Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition is the perfect present for anyone who enjoys unwinding over some stomping on mushroom people, jumping barrels, and upper-cutting Mike Tyson. It comes with 30 classic games built-into its teeny-tiny console, like Metroid, Super Mario Bros., and Legend of Zelda. All you do is plug it in and you’re instantly back in 1988.

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