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It’s true.

For you and you and you, and that guy, and that lady, and ALL the dental professionals The Bone Guys are thankful to call friends and clients.

We’re also thankful for the word “cornucopia'.” It’s perfect. Say it with us now, “corn-u-copia.” Yeah, that’s nice.

This is the month when we delight in family togetherness and joy and homemade mashed potatoes. Or heck, box-made mashed potatoes if that’s how your family rolls.

Enjoy our November issue of the Bone Guys and please take a minute to submit your own fun story, favorite dental photo, cartoon, or anything else you’d like to see materialize in this newsletter.

We’ll be ever so thankful when you do.


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— Conspiracy theorists are certain that murder suspect Brian Laundrie’s teeth were planted at the scene of his remains’ discovery. While he’s elsewhere, just chilling.

— A Japanese study is honing in on a monoclonal antibody treatment that may help us to regrow our missing teeth. It works in animals, at least.

— Relax. Having yellow teeth may be more natural than we all think.

— No matter who your worst patient is, just be glad they’re not a polar bear with a broken canine.

— These Virginia kids are donating their Halloween candy to U.S. Troops in exchange for toys at the dentist. Meet the future leaders of America.

A dentist’s “hand-over-mouth” technique, intended to soothe a distraught youngster, had the opposite effect, drawing attention to this mostly discontinued practice.

— Meet Dr. Eric Katzman, a dentist-by-day, art curator by night, having just opened his own Dover, New Hampshire, art gallery.



What Dentists Are Hateful For...

November offers time for us all to take a minute and reflect on what we’re thankful for.

But as we like to say, if you don’t have complaints about your job, you must not be working hard enough.

So we thought we’d balance out the gratitude with just a little hate this month. Join us as we take a look into the things dentists love and hate most about their jobs, via a loose consortium of dental professionals on Reddit answering the question:

Dentists of Reddit, how do you like your job?

The Love… 

“I basically just show up at 8, do dentistry, go home at 5, and get paid.”

“It's always a great feeling getting someone out of pain by pulling that one tooth that's been keeping them awake at night for a week, and they're coming to you because you're all they can afford. Really, it's nice helping people.”

“There are a lot of great things about this field: Non-stop practicing to become better at procedures, grateful patients that do care about their health, great staff, good money, and job stability (there will always be a need for dentists).”

“Love it. I work hard but I'm only working when I'm at the office. I show up, focus on patients, and leave… I get paid more than I deserve.”

And Now For The Hate… 

“Shitty patients ruining your day/week/month/life. Shitty staff members ruining your day/week/month/life. Being a target for sales reps who waste my time and often know nothing beyond the company talking points.”

“I retired this year and sold my practice because I couldn't take it anymore… the stress of working on demanding, uncooperative, whiny patients wasn't worth it.”

“Fuck dentistry. I'm good at it, I get great results, my patients barely feel a thing, but man there are days I hate it from the bottom of my black heart.”

“It's boring. There's not much creativity at work and everything you do is very procedural.”

“I currently work in a free clinic. I'd rather die violently... Fuck dentistry.”

Wow. Well, then…







We are a family enterprise distributing dental products from a marvelous group of select companies—whether it be a non-profit source of restorative biologics, a high quality & cost-effective surgical solution, or simply a product referral. 


We’re focused on education and helping others succeed while enjoying everything quirky and special about the dental community.



We love the world of dentistry nearly as much as we love the dentists we count ourselves so lucky to work with. Let’s join hands and celebrate all things teeth, from the practical to the extremely weird and everything in between.



Contact Colin Browne at Maxxeus with a referral in order to win a special prize!


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The Bone Guys encourage you to send us your upcoming events. Until then, we'll see you here... 




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