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Ay! Look, ‘tis the Bone Guys fee-diddly-Riverdancing into your lives again, deadlift a keg of Guinness while assuming Saint Patrick’s Day is the only strong hook March really has.

Yes, Irish eyes are smiling and the wind is at our backs, as we merrily skip into a new month of Earth’s most unbelievable, hilarious, and disturbingly interesting meditations on the dental trade. 

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Everyone is a Bone Guy in March (and technically also if they get this email)! And we would LOVE for you to share what you love with us about teeth and fixing them, too, by contributing your own fun dental stories, favorite photos, cartoons, or anything else you’d like to share with the world.

Just email us to see them in the next issue.


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—A Tampa-based dentist is not only known for working on teeth, but also for using his own to pull cars, a stunt that’s earned him an honor from Ripley’s. Do as he says, not as he does, we guess.

—Less than 4% of U.S. dentists are Black. Meet Dr. Malik Johnson and Dr. Eric J. Sadler, two Winston-Salem dentists out to change that. 

—It’s not only eggs and milk, the Tooth Fairy’s prices are also falling victim to inflation.

—51-year-old Fargo dentist Daniel Mengedoth is facing criminal charges after what police say was an ‘unprovoked’ stabbing during a poker game in Polk County, Minnesota.

—A vibrating smile-shaped toothbrush from France promises to clean teeth in 10 seconds.

—Dentists see a huge influx of people who have dental emergencies after March 17 and, usually, it is those who have lost a tooth. Interestingly enough, this happens more to men than women. 

—The unregulated Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA) device is causing lawsuits from patients who have lost teeth after using it in hopes of improving their smiles.

—There’s a full “worm moon” coming March 7. Here’s a full run-down of different moons to look for this year. What does that have to do with teeth? Look at it closely… 


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You dentist wants you to know a few things… 


Your dentist needs you to know a few things.

‘Cuz patients are coming in looking a little… baked, these days.

The New York Times rounded up a few good dentists to talk about what they wish patients would know and practice in a recent piece in the paper.

Some of their concerns are pretty normal dentist things they’ll say to your face. Like that you should not dismiss bleeding gums as normal. And that you better get your butt in for a check-up every six months or so if you want to keep your teeth healthy. 

Oh, and charcoal toothpaste? Big ole NO!

But it’s the final of five items that made us do a spit-take:

“Don’t get high before your dental exam!!” 

Apparently, we aren’t the only ones. (Noticing people high in our dentist chair, that is. Not going to the dentist high or anything. Not recently, at least). 

In a 2022 study by A.D.A., half of the dentists polled said they’d had a patient who came high to their appointment.

You see, with the spread of legal cannabis, more and more patients are prepping for their dentist visits with bong hits, pipe tokes, vape blasts, and old fashioned doobie pulls. Some feel it’s being done to try and manage pain, or blunt (ha!) their anxiety. 


Dr. Tricia Quartey-Sagaille, a spokeswoman for the American Dental Association, warns, “You can’t consent to a treatment if you’re high. If patients have anxiety, it could make things worse, and I’m not able to numb people as effectively.”


Apparently, THC-infused patients have been found to potentially require more anesthesia. Not to mention, from personal experience, being high in the dentist chair, like being high on the devil’s lettuce just about anywhere, brings a hyper-awareness that can make it even harder to detach from the pain and awkwardness of having gloved hands digging in your mouth. In the end, it’s no relaxing couch-session with your favorite foursome Rick & Morty and Ben & Jerry.


At the least, your dentist may want to know if you’ve been betting stoned or eating edibles before your treatment. A majority of respondents to the survey said they’re comfortable bringing ganja up to their docs. Something the dentist appreciates.


Quartey-Sagaille notes, “You know, we’re not here to judge, just to provide you with the best care.”



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We are a family enterprise distributing dental products from a marvelous group of select companies—whether it be a non-profit source of restorative biologics, a high quality & cost-effective surgical solution, or simply a product referral. 


We’re focused on education and helping others succeed while enjoying everything quirky and special about the dental community.


We love the world of dentistry nearly as much as we love the dentists we count ourselves so lucky to work with. Let’s join hands and celebrate all things teeth, from the practical to the extremely weird and everything in between.



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“A smile is a Valentine!” 

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In Ireland, the Tooth fairy is a leprechaun, not a fairy, who goes by the name Anna Bogle. Legend tells us that Anna Bogle was a mischievous young leprechaun girl who was playing happily in the forest one day until, to her dismay, one of her front teeth was knocked out. Poor Anna cried, believing herself to be ugly, and tried everything she could think of to replace it. One day, she had an idea to get a human child’s tooth to put in its place. Since leprechauns are not creatures who steal, Anna leaves a piece of “leprechaun gold”—either a metal or chocolate variety—behind for each tooth she takes.

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