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With sleigh bells jingling and visions of sugarplums Lambada-ing in our heads, all The Bone Guys want for December is you and healthy teeth and gums for all and for all a clean mouth.


Yep, we’re winding our way to the end of a great 2022 with a new seasonal newsletter packed with bizarro dental headlines from near and far, humorous bits and bobs about the old choppers, and the literary equivalent to a giant fruitcake to present to all of our friends and clients, be they on the good or naughty list this year.


Of course, we’d love to know your thoughts and highlights of 2022 and your dreams for the year ahead. As always, feel free to send in your own fun dental stories, favorite photos, cartoons, or anything else you’d like to share with the world.


Just email us to see them in the next issue. 


Until then, we’re wishing the happiest holidays and a wonderful New Year to all of our Bone Guys friends and followers!


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—A beauty influencer got a strange new gift: a third front tooth, as she awaited her braces.

—An ADA study finds 50% of dentists reporting patients who are ‘high’ on the Devil’s Lettuce during their procedures.

—Perhaps a better question: Should you go to the dentist high?

—Surprise surprise: Vaping isn’t exactly beneficial for your teeth.

—If your curiosity is piqued by tales of disgraced British dentists who act like horrible pervs, well… just click here.

Meanwhile, another dentist claims people in the dental care profession can tell when a patient has been, er, um, “rocking the mic,” so to speak. 

—Here’s what it may mean when you dream about your teeth falling out

The 1990’s cult films The Dentist and The Dentist 2, starring the (great?) Corbin Bernsen, are being re-released.


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We know it can be a pain to spend most of December fretting over what you’re going to gift to family, friends, and clients for the holidays. So we’re making it simple for you this year, with a highly curated, yet broadly encompassing 


For your top clients: Red Bear Winery’s 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon from Northern California’s Alexander Valley will be widely appreciated. And for that oenophile client for whom you’ll spare no expense, 2019 Cliff Lede Cabernet Sauvignon for its “brooding perfume of sultry violets, wild blackberry, and black figs.” If they don’t drink, they’ll appreciate Ghia, which offers both complex and enticing non-alcoholic aperitifs and spritzes based on the beautifully bitter drinks of the Mediterranean.


For your staff: It will be tins of dark chocolate peppermint cookies from Levain Bakery on everybody’s desks, and beans from Orange County’s Nam Coffee and Transcendence Coffee’s Gulab Jamun coffee syrup in the breakroom. It’s not like they don’t take care of their teeth on top of everyone else’s.


For little ones: English Rabbit, a fashionable, family-friendly store with an address in Beverly Hills, has a large crew of stuffed toys so adorable, we kinda want them, too. We’re talking about plush mice in fairy wings and Santa hats, fuzzy snowmen, and the cutest little anthropomorphic candy cane you ever did see.


For your elders: Hari Mari’s handstitched Hacienda LX full-grain leather and shearling slippers, and a beautiful Taschen coffee table book on that old time rock n’ roll and call it a day.


For your beloved: They deserve to be perpetually enmeshed in comfort for standing by your side. Bamboo fabric waffle bathrobes from Cozy Earth feel like they landed from heaven, while the brand’s hoodies are just as divinely soft for those times one needs to confront the outdoors.


For yourself: If you’re agave-obsessed, or even just agave-friendly, we recommend exceptional expressions of mezcal from from the multi-generation family of Oaxacan mezcaleros at Lopez Real and Sonora’s famed bacanora from Izo and Kilinga. If whiskey is more your thing, Teeling’s 32-year Purple Muscat is a unicorn for deep pockets, while Blind Barrels is an incredible club for blind-tasting unique and heartfelt small-batch whiskies from across the U.S.


And as always, there’s nothing the world needs more than a donation that can be made in their name to a worthy non-profit organization such as SmileOnU.

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We are a family enterprise distributing dental products from a marvelous group of select companies—whether it be a non-profit source of restorative biologics, a high quality & cost-effective surgical solution, or simply a product referral. 


We’re focused on education and helping others succeed while enjoying everything quirky and special about the dental community.


We love the world of dentistry nearly as much as we love the dentists we count ourselves so lucky to work with. Let’s join hands and celebrate all things teeth, from the practical to the extremely weird and everything in between.



Contact Colin Browne at Maxxeus with a referral in order to win a special prize!



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"Oh Paul."

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The Bone Guys encourage you to send us your upcoming events. Until then, we'll see you here...


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“Child's skull with baby teeth, and adult ones waiting for their time to emerge.” –@HistoryUnreal

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