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Yes, more schoolrooms. Yes, more books. Yes, more teachers’ dirty looks.

Because The Bone Guys are taking you back to school this September, edu-ma-catin’ everyone on the craziest, strangest, and most potent stories from the world of oral hygiene. 

We’re leaping into September with news headlines and hilarity about teeth and gums, as well as all the latest updates from our friends and partners.

The Bone Guys is a family business operated out of California and Michigan that provides the best dental products in the industry, as well as dedicated dental training and non-profit events.

And this wacky monthly newsletter you’re currently reading words in.

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—Hold on! Before you jump out of that airplane… have you brushed your teeth? It may be an important step in facing your fears about skydiving.

—Once innocuous raisins are now being called out for their devastating effect on teeth, given their high sugar content and stickiness. Raisins, we hardly knew ye.

—By targeting the USAG-1 gene, researchers believe that they can help people without a full set of teeth regrow teeth

An Aussie man in his late 60’s was hospitalized with bleeding on the brain following what was supposed to be a routine extraction of two teeth.

—An Oklahoma principal felt compelled to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy to plead for justice in the case of a kindergartener’s swallowed tooth.

—Gary Wright, the leader of UK band Spooky Tooth, has died at the age of 80, leaving behind hits such as "Dream Weaver” and “Love Is Alive.”

—2 local Las Vegas dentist offices estimate that they have given away over $10,000,000 in free care to their neighbors over the last 10 years during Labor Day weekend.


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There are two big moments of celebration to rally dental professionals this month, as September happens to be both Gum Care Month and the even more thrillingly named Office Manager Appreciation Month.

But before loading up Sheila’s desk with cards and orchids from the 99-Cent Store, let’s pull back the curtain for a second and see who the tiny little man is behind such “holidays.” 

Because to be perfectly honest, we’ve noticed every month has some dental holiday or other we’re expected to honor, from Toothache Day in February to December’s Handwashing Awareness Month extravaganza. Not to mention all the National Vegan Lasagna days and Purple Potato Starch days we’re supposed to commemorate.

The truth is, these are rarely organic events. Typically, holidays centered on foods and drinks are both thought up by and lobbyist-paid for by major players in different industries.

Say, for a totally made-up example, SPAM wants a day that it can cite to heavily promote its products on and in anticipation for. It may tap its well-funded lobbyists to  pay-off, er, we mean put some pressure on their favorite government suit for it. That living necessary evil finds it within their power to declare February 29th “National Mushy Amalgamation of Pig Parts Day” through whatever governmental department they have their thumb on. 

In the broadest strokes, that’s sort of kind of how these things work. The holidays are not recognized by the nation, so much as PR wonks and small, content-starved news outlets. And your mom, who can and will send you sporadic National Pancake Day reminders on the fly.

So… kinda odd, huh?

But in this whole weird ruse lays a great opportunity for your dental practice. With 28 “holidays” in the tooth-care catalog, you get 28 opportunities for promotion, team-building, and health awareness to exploit for your own means.

Here’s what we’re thinking.


With holidays like National Receptionist’s Day (May 12) and Dental Assistants Recognition Week (1st week in March), you have an unexpected opportunity to shine a special light on someone who works hard and doesn’t always get the credit for keeping your house in order. It’s a chance for everyone in your office to open their hearts to a staff member they appreciate, while getting everyone to smile over cake and Champagne and/or Solo cups. And if you’re still feeling resistant, don’t worry. Boss’s Day comes in October, so go big for them and they’ll do the same for you.


Ever get on your business’s social media and find yourself at a loss for words? These holidays are designed to eliminate that. Use it to frame an Instagram post or TikTok video that shows your staff or highlights your good reviews. Or bring more attention to your non-profit clinic for kids by buying an online ad. You can even get started riffing on the date weeks in advance, building anticipation up to the big day.



Not to be too opportunistic, however. These holidays, at their best, can serve as valuable times to educate your audience and customer base. What better occasion than Gum Disease Awareness Month (February) or Dental Diversity Month (June) to dive into your passion for toothcare and expound on a subject in which you care or have expertise. You can use these occasions to make social media videos and posts that showcase just what a good office you operate. Or detail a special procedure that you feel patients will benefit from. Or delve into a broader subject in the world of dentistry that fits the occasion.


Make a Deal

You’ve got bills to pay, like the rest of us, after all. And a dental-related holiday can be a great time to consider offering a special promotion or event. A 2-for-1 family cleaning for Tooth Fairy Day (August 22) or a deep discount on Dentist’s Day (March 6). They get the encouragement to come in, you get another visit on the books. 

Everyone wins!

And don’t forget. Next month’s a big one: Dental Hygiene Month.

Personally, we never miss it.



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We are a family enterprise distributing dental products from a marvelous group of select companies—whether it be a non-profit source of restorative biologics, a high quality & cost-effective surgical solution, or simply a product referral. 


We’re focused on education and helping others succeed while enjoying everything quirky and special about the dental community.


We love the world of dentistry nearly as much as we love the dentists we count ourselves so lucky to work with. Let’s join hands and celebrate all things teeth, from the practical to the extremely weird and everything in between.



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Hundreds of followers flocked to a Buddhist temple in Rosemead, California, to view what is claimed to be a still-growing, 2-inch-long molar with healing powers that belonged to Buddha himself… on display alongside other relics including a hair said to be from the Buddha that reportedly moves on its own and 10,000 color crystals said to have been extracted from the cremated remains of Buddha’s body. ~ NBC News, 2013

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